New version and new habits, I am talking about the menu which is located on the left hand side of the screen. By scrolling the cursor on it, the menu appears. The purpose of this procedure will provide you a better comfort of navigation. I wish it'll be more convenient. If you meet any inconvenience, please advise at:

I wish the cicada that will accompany you throughout the site won't be too undisciplined and won't bother you too much.

For the regular visitors, you could notice two new sections : "Convenient Internet" and "Villages around Allauch*".

- In "Convenient Internet" section, there are websites where you can figure your itinerary, TV Channels, " La Francaise des jeux" for winning money ( lottery, etc… by the way, if you win think of me, lol !!!…).

- In "Villages around Allauch" section, you will discover pictures of villages around Allauch* (*read Allo).


I invite you to come back soon 'cause I've been hit by a strong lazy seizure that delayed the new version design.


I wish you a good visit and come on in again often to check the changes.


PS: For the native Allaudiens (Allauch Inhabitant) who are in exile. If you wish to see a picture from your neighbourhood, just let me know.

Thanks very much to Denis and Franck from France Provence for their help.

I invit you to visit France Provence. It'll bring you a taste of Provence into your house.